Post a FREE short form job advert ( that’s connects with your Linkedin profile ) Easily share job videos on LinkedIn, Twitter , FB and other social media.

Shortlist candidates by watching video cvs applications.

Shortlist candidates by watching video cvs applications. Instant message voice or video chat with anyone when they set their call rate to £0 Search remote workers by subject title , skills or location.

Shortlist candidates by watching video cvs applications.

Approve the remote workers hourly rate and hire free of charge or pay for video consultations in the app.

Real-time communication for interviewing candidates.

Hire & pay remote workers directly SimX does not charge an agency finders fee when you recruit talent. You are able to hire remote workers directly, pay your hires directly and work with them anyway you would like.This puts you in charge of how and where your remote team works, as well as how you pay them. Resulting in thousands of dollars in savings.

Most Oil & Gas , Energy remote workers on our platform are looking for reliable long term projects ,not short term freelance projects. This required employers that were like minded and understood that being an ocean apart didn't define stability and loyalty.

Today we are bringing employers together with remote workers that understand this and the engagement process includes discussions about long-term partnerships.

You engage remote workers using our real-time communication features that consist of private messaging, voice and video chat.

Hire your remote workers when you have completed a thorough inapp video interview process and established a clear agreement regarding expectations, pay rate, payment terms and work schedule.

Watch videos in the remote workers video library to see if the candidate might be a good fit for your project.

Push the Linkedin icon to view their profile and check any recommendations.

Every remote worker displays their preferred hourly rate (in £GB pounds) within their profile. Some remote workers charge less than £6 hour others £ 200 but fees are always negotiable depending on the number of hours and length of project .

Pay for a video consultations.

A unique feature of SimX is clients can pay for on demand expert voice or video chat by preloading the app with the amount of the call using PayPal or a bank card.This enables the remote worker to be paid as soon as the call is complete without having to create an invoice.

Zoom ,Webex and Microsoft Teams ,as well as shared technical software are the most frequently used platforms .We do not offer any at SimX – we suggest you set up a system that both you and your remote worker(s) are comfortable with.

Ultimately, remote workers (and any employees you have) are required to work or complete certain tasks daily, weekly and/or monthly.Establish clear guidelines for when and how to review project/task progress and relate this to hours worked.

Set clear guidelines for when their remote workers are expected to be online and available for communication with you and your team.

Upload short form videos from your phone to your video library.

Select videos you would like to share on LinkedIn as well as other social media.

When clients watch your videos they can view your LinkedIn profile and contact you by instant messaging, voice or video chat.

When you see a client Job advert you can apply by selecting a video that is most relevant to the position and sharing it with the employer.They will use this video to make a shortlist and hopefully make an appointment for a video interview in the app.

Livestreaming Client companies ,as well as remote workers ,can make free interactive podcasts to promote their brand.App users make comments and ask questions during the livestream that appear on the screen . This is great for sharing authentic “behind the scenes “ broadcasts.

A view of your home office is always going to be of interest.(For some reason everyone wants to know what’s in your fridge )

You can make a livestream broadcast by pushing the broadcast icon and share a 30 second preview on Linkedin and Twitter by clicking on the social media icons. The rest of the video can be watched when the viewer downloads the app.

Unfortunately FB changed their data privacy sharing policy and we are working on a new SDK

You can but you need to go to edit profile and save the settings on the social media that is not working.

The user who is paying for voice or video chat needs to add credit using PayPal to the value of the proposed session. The amount of this credit can be seen next to the payment icon. For instance if the confidential chat is rated at £50 per hour and you plan a 15 minute session you should add £12.50 credit. It is not possible to spend more than this amount until you make another top up.

You need to set any rate you choose in the app and enter your payment details when you are hired.

You can get paid as soon as the call has ended. Just go to your profile to view your credit balance and add your PayPal details to withdraw your available funds. No invoice required!

Viewers can only do this when they are watching the livestream in the app. You need to ask the audience for comments and make the broadcast compelling g view.

They can instant message, make a voice or video call in the app (at the broadcasters set rate) or contact you using your social media icon

No. Its up to the viewer to review the broadcasters social media profile, watch their saved videos and instant message before deciding to pay for voice or video chat.

That’s fine. If you are an employer or job hunter it is unlikely you will want to charge users for contacting you. Just set your rate to £0. You can take part in confidential video interview chat free of charge without leaving the app.

Push the icon in the top right corner (next to the search bar) and you will see the global locations of all broadcasters.

You need to add credit to your SimX account using the inapp PayPal link in your profile. Just top up the amount you want to pay to a broadcaster and buy the amount of time set in their hourly rate. You will only pay for the time you spend on a call to a broadcaster. If your call breaks up due to a poor connection or because you want to terminate the chat early you will only be charged for the time you have used.

Use the PayPal link in your profile to add your payment information. You will be paid as soon as PayPal process funds from your client. No invoice required.

Please mail cjr@utsimx.co.uk